EndoData-Pro is an Endoscope App for the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android and is a reference tool that can be used to measure the deflection angles on all listed Olympus®, Pentax® and Fujinon® flexible endoscopes by comparing the angulated scope to the picture on the Apps Angulation screen.

This Endoscope App is ideal for PM programs and in-service evaluations. We've included angulation specifications along with other commonly referred to specifications for the most widely used endoscope models.

EndoData-Pro contains mainly US Endoscope models but also includes some non-US models as well. All listed specs were collected from what we believe to be accurate data. However, we are not responsible for typos or possible inconsistencies with oem data. Please read the End User License Agreement before downloading the App.

EndoData-Pro covers the most common Endoscope specifications, including:

  • Model Number
  • Endoscope Type
  • Angulation (Up/Down, Left/Right, including visual views)
  • FOV (Field of View, including visual view)
  • Insertion Tube (Outer Diameter)
  • Working Channel (Inner Diameter)
  • Working Length
  • Distal Tip (Outer Diameter)

endoscope interactive angleEndoData-Pro app running on a mobile device.Along with many other features of this Endoscope app, it can also be used to instantly check the Angulation angles of an Endoscope. This feature will let you determine if a Endoscope angulation is not functioning properly. 

Caution: All endoscopes to be tested must be sterilized prior to testing to avoid contamination since the endoscope could come into contact with your device during angle testing. For added protection, place your device in a clear plastic bag or sheet protector to prevent contact between the endoscope and your device.


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